Top 10 Reasons to Choose a PHP Doctor as Your Primary Care Provider

1. Doctors in the Physician Health Partners (PHP) network believe in providing the right care, at the right time, in the right setting. What does this mean? They don’t want you to get tests or procedures that aren’t necessary or make you stay in the hospital if a different care setting would be better for your recovery.
2. They work with a network of trusted doctors and hospitals that have the same values toward health care and patient satisfaction.
3. Access! PHP physicians are located all across the Denver metro area.
4. PHP goes through a patient satisfaction process each year. This helps us identify what each doctor’s office is doing well and things that they can change to help improve the health care experience for their patients.
5. Quality improvement isn’t just a saying at PHP, it’s the way we do business! Each doctor’s office works with PHP quality coaches to improve health care delivery processes. We work on things such as lowering wait times and making sure emergency appointments are available to you.
6. Each primary care practice also works closely with the PHP care coordination team to provide extra support you may need to manage your own health and well-being. The team includes registered nurses, social workers and community resource specialists.
7. PHP physicians believe that coordinating each patient’s care will lead to healthier results and happier patients. They develop relationships and communicate with other providers such as specialists, hospitals, home health agencies, skilled nursing facilities, and behavioral health professionals to help ensure their patients are getting the care they need.
8. To stay ahead of the curve with providing high quality health care practices, PHP physicians work together to create care guidelines and share best practices.
9. PHP physicians will encourage you to stay healthy through prevention resources and education about your conditions. They believe the best results come when patients take ownership in their health while working along with their physician for care and guidance.
10. The goal of PHP and the doctors we partner with is to improve the individual experience of care, improve the overall health of our patient populations, and reduce the costs of care.