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Physician Health Partners (PHP) is an integrated team of physicians and health care professionals committed to supporting effective patient care throughout the health care continuum. Founded in 1996 as a management services organization, PHP believes physicians and other providers have the capability and responsibility to drive high quality, cost-effective health care for patients. PHP collaborates with more than 300 primary care providers, both physicians and midlevel providers, and hundreds of specialists who share the goal of providing the right care, at the right time and in the right setting.

We strive to support and enhance the primary care physician’s role in coordinating care for patients. We provide innovative tools and programs to help drive quality outcomes and more cost-effective health care to their patients.

PHP provides an array of services to this provider network, including:

Through our robust quality program and diverse medical management solutions, we work tirelessly to support primary care physicians in improving clinical outcomes for the benefit of the patient. By improving clinical outcomes, enhancing provider performance and developing practice efficiencies, patients' health status is improved and overall health care costs are reduced.

Physician Health Partners is involved in the following initiatives: